Melissa Bonghi, RN, IBCLC, RLC

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Complete Assessment of the Breastfeeding Dyad

Each mother and baby pair, a dyad, is unique. A complete assessment is necessary for the dyad experiencing one or more of the following issues:

  • breast pain
  • nipple pain
  • difficulty bringing the baby to the breast
  • baby not staying on the breast
  • fussy baby
  • slower than expected weight gain
  • twins
  • premature baby
  • breast reduction or breast implants


The assessment can take up to two hours depending on your needs. This can be done in my office or in your home, whichever is most comfortable for you. For home visits, I bring everything needed (baby scale, breast pump, etc).

Worksite Lactation Support
Services Provided:
  • Assist with setting up a workplace lactation support program
  • Advise on appropriate breast pump equipment for employed breastfeeding women
  • Provide training for supervisors and staff
  • Consult on breastfeeding-related pages of a company website
  • Advise on appropriate resources for supporting breastfeeding employees
  • Teach on-site prenatal and postpartum breastfeeding and working classes
  • Provide back-to-work consultation for employees returning to work
  • Lead a postpartum breastfeeding employees' support group
  • Provide one-on-one lactation consultant education and support services to new mothers

Breatfeeding Accessories
  • Ameda Breast Pumps (Short Term Rentals or purchase)
  • Breastfeeding Bras, such as Bella Materna Nursing Bras, Belly Bands, for discreet nursing, Lucky Baby slings, and more.