How Far is Russia From Usa?

The US to Russia distance is a common question for travelers who want to explore the world. Whether you’re planning a trip or just curious about geography, understanding the distance between these two countries is essential. Here’s a look at how far Russia is from the US and some facts about these two countries. Learn How Far is Russia From Usa?

How Far is Russia From Usa?
How Far is Russia From Usa?

How Far is Russia From Usa?

  1. Russia and the United States are separated by 7,500 miles of land and water. That’s more than twice as far as traveling from New York City to Los Angeles!
  2. The American-Russian border runs through Alaska and touches part of western Canada called the Yukon Territory.
  3. The capital of Russia is Moscow, while the capital of the United States is Washington DC.
  4. Both countries have many major cities including St Petersburg in Russia and New York City in the US.
  5. Both countries span multiple time zones with 11 time zones in Russia and 6 in the US (including Alaska).
  6. The population of Russia is 144 million people, while the population of United States is 328 million people – almost three times as much!
  7. Russian currency is called Rubles, while American currency is called Dollars ($).
  8. If you want to travel from one country to another, you can fly directly from major cities like Moscow or New York City on airlines such as Aeroflot or Delta Airlines respectively. It takes about 10 hours to fly from Moscow to NYC nonstop!


Knowing the answer to “how far is it from USA to Russia?” helps us appreciate how large our world really is! From culture and language differences to currency exchange rates, there are many things that make these two countries unique – yet similar – at the same time! Whether you plan on visiting both places or just learning more about them online, having a better understanding of their distances can help enhance your knowledge even more!

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