What is Windows 11 S Mode?

Microsoft recently unveiled the new Windows 11 operating system, complete with all sorts of exciting features and updates. However, buried within this update is something called “S Mode,” which has caused some confusion among users. What exactly is S Mode and how does it affect you? Let’s take a look. Learn What is Windows 11 S Mode?

What is Windows 11 S Mode?
What is Windows 11 S Mode?

What is Windows 11 S Mode?

What is S Mode?

S Mode is a new feature of the Windows 11 operating system that restricts users to downloading only apps from the Microsoft Store. This means users will not be able to download apps from other sources, such as Google Chrome or third-party websites. Additionally, any applications installed on your computer prior to upgrading to Windows 11 will no longer work in S Mode unless they are available in the Microsoft Store.

Why Does Microsoft Offer S Mode?

Microsoft offers S Mode as a way to provide better security and performance for its users. By limiting access to only the apps available in the Microsoft Store, Microsoft can ensure that all downloads are safe and secure. Additionally, by restricting access to certain applications, they can help ensure that your computer runs faster and more efficiently since it won’t be bogged down with unnecessary programs and services running in the background.

Benefits of Using S Mode

The primary benefit of using S Mode is increased security. By restricting access to only those apps available in the Microsoft Store, you can be sure that any downloads you make are virus-free and secure. Additionally, since fewer programs are running in the background, your computer will run faster and more efficiently than if it had unrestricted access to all apps on the internet. Plus, since you won’t have any unwanted programs taking up storage space on your computer, you’ll have more room for storing important files and documents without worrying about filling up your hard drive too quickly.


Windows 11’s new S Mode provides an extra layer of security while still giving users access to essential applications they need for everyday use. With fewer programs running in the background and only apps from the trusted Microsoft Store being downloaded onto your computer, you can rest assured knowing your device is safe from malicious software or viruses while still enjoying fast performance speeds. Whether you’re a casual user or power user looking for extra protection against malware or viruses, Windows 11’s S Mode may just be what you need!

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